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方和 简介

Introduction of FangHe Science and Technology Co. Ltd

方和科技公司创立于 1998 年北京大学百年华诞校庆期间;国家高新技术企业,属中关村国际孵化园创新科技企业;20 年自主研发青少年眼健康、近视防控;“专心、专注、专业”,取得优异成果。

FangHe Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (“FangHe”) was founded during Beijing University’s centennial anniversary in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a Zhongguancun International Incubation Park enterprise. It has more than 20 years of independent research and development of youth eye health, and myopia prevention and control; FangHe is determined to be “focused, dedicated, and specialized”

国际首创——原生态,生物节奏,自然疗法:脉冲气体分子;全自动化 健康眼睛、防控青少年早期近视,卓有成效 ;预防近视、阻止延缓近视加深、消除眼疲劳;成人眼干眼涩、黑眼圈、老花眼;放松双眼放松大脑,改善睡眠质量,都有优良作用。

The world’s first invention to use all natural pulsed air molecules, its biological rhythm, natural therapy; the fully automated eye-health system can prevent and control early myopia, prevent and delay the progression of myopia in adolescents, and eliminate eye fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles, and presbyopia in adults; it can relax eyes thus relaxing the brain and improving the quality of sleep.


[The air molecules are very light and soft on the eye.]


Air molecules massage and exercise eyes; it’s positive effects on eye health cannot be achieved by other methods.


FangHe invented the JiaJiaMing “Three-In-One” approach. A comprehensive myopia prevention and control system, which can result in less eye fatigue, reduction and possible elimination of myopia, and slow the progression of myopia in youth. It is safe and comfortable to use, and has important national strategic benefits.

——中国 好眼睛,创新发明国家战略眼健康产品“加加明”JJM-II电子气动近视眼防治仪,高端医疗 智能科技;国家发明专利技术应用, 二类医疗器械,眼科医学新技术突破

China’s Good Eyes -- JiaJiaMing. Innovated and invented national strategic eye health products "JJM-II", is electro-pneumatic myopia prevention and treatment device, using patented medical intelligent technology; class II medical equipment, new technological breakthrough in ophthalmology.


JiaJiaMing myopia prevention and treatment devices have been promoted and sold in 16 stores located in China’s prestigious ophthalmic hospital and its subdivisions: the Optician Center, Ophthalmology Research Institute, Children's Amblyopia Rehabilitation Center, and Orthokeratoscope store etc. (No other company’s myopia prevention product are currently sold at these locations). JiaJiaMing devices are also sold in the Third Hospital of Beijing University, People’s Hospital of Beijing University, Capital Children’s Research Institute, People’s Eye Hospital of, Mingshiguang Eye Hospital, Meihe Children’s Hospital, Airen Ophthalmology, Yahe Children’s Hospital, etc. More than 100 county or city level hospitals nation-widely promote the sales of JiaJiaMing devices.

北京朝阳区实验小学等近20所学校,建立《爱眼工作室》政府出资购买JJM 仪器,免费提供学生使用,受到家长和孩子欢迎!

The Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School, and 20 other schools have set up the “Eye Care Studio”, which treats students that have myopia.  The government has purchased JiaJiaMing devices, which are used by the students free of charge.Parents and children enjoy being able to receive this treatment at school.


Beijing Zhongguanchun No. 2 primary school, funded by the China Society Foundation, purchased thousands of JiaJiaMing instruments to care for the students.

方和科技·加加明 优质丰富无形资产

FangHe – JiaJiaMing, High Quality and Rich Intangible Assets

1、《商标》权 62 个;

“Trademark” rights: 62

2、《软件著作权》22 个;

“Software Copyrights”: 22

3、欧盟 CE 认证,TCF(S)NO:WT153003001

EU CE certificate, TCF(s) No: WT153003001


Utility Model Patent, Appearance Patent (Invention Patent expired, another has been applied for)

5、“三位一体”近视防控理论体系 版权;

Copyright of “Three-In-One” myopia prevention and control system

6、二类医疗器械《生产许可证》京食药监械生产许可 20090016 号

Class II medical device Production license, Beijing Food and Drug Monitoring Medical Equipment Production license, license No: 20090016

《注册证》京械注准 20192260508 ;

“Registration certificate”: No: 20192260508


Listed in Hong Kong International OTC Market (Non-listed companies’ stock exchange market). Code No: 91285


National “High-tech and New Enterprise Certificate”: GR201811003496


Products recommended by “Eugenics and Optimized Rearing Association of China” and “China Health Association”

10、315 消费者权益保护协会推荐产品。

Products recommended by “China 315 Consumer Rights Association”

11、2019 年 6 月被中国关工委招标青少年近视防治《产品目录》排在首位。

In June 2019, JiaJiaMing was contacted for bids by “China’s Working Committee For Caring Next Generation”, and top-listed in the “Product Catalog” for Prevention and Treatment of Youth Myopia.


On March 15, 2020, JiaJiaMing devices were exhibited in “Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone” and was displayed on the “Zhongguancun New technology, New Products and New Service Online Display Recommendation and Supply-Demand Docking Platform”


方和公司 受到荣誉报道

Honorary Report of FangHe - JiaJiaMing


2001-06, Beijing TV Station “Good Morning Beijing” reported “Eye Care Studio”


2013-07-03, “Journal of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” reported the vice chairman of the “Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee” of the “Central Committee of the Democratic League of China”, visited and inspected the Eye Care Studio of Chaoyang Experimental Primary School (The best Primary School in Chaoyang district) in Beijing, and highly praised it.


2013-12, FangHe - JiaJiaMing won “excellent award” in growth group in the first Zhongguancun innovation competition, in the Beijing competition section during “2013 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, and was selected among more than 600 enterprises to participate in the road show. FangHe was one of 40 founder enterprises chosen for the “Entrepreneur Special Training Camp”, also known as “Zhongguancun Dark Horse Special Training Camp”.


2014-09-29, CCTV (China’s Central TV) “Chinese Channel” covered “Miao Wang, a well-known expert in Myopia Prevention and Control,” (interview of the inventor of JiaJiaMing). The interview was broadcasted on TV for one year. Xinhua Net, People’s Net, and CCTV Net have posted the web link for the interview.


2015-01-09, CCTV anchor A-Qiu in a 30-minute exclusive interview introduced the inventor of JiaJiaMing on the program “Business Legend”. The interview has been broadcasted several times on CCTV “Stock Market Channel”. CCTV also presented the “XingRui” award to JiaJiaMing inventor.



2015-08, Beijing TV Channel 9 news channel “Consumption Guide” reported about the Eye Care Studio.

2016年4月荣获 CCTV《新三板直通车》全国总决赛大奖荣获前三名

2016-04, in CCTV “New Three Board Direct Path” national final competition, JiaJiaMing placed in the top three.

2016.11 取得欧盟 CE 认证,加加明产品 JJM-AY 型可以直销欧盟国际。

2016-11, JiaJiaMing obtained the CE certification of EU, and JJM-AY products can be directly sold to EU countries.

2016年12月8日加加明·北京方和科技公司,在香港国际版挂牌,代码号 91285。

2016-12-08, JiaJiaMing-FangHe was listed in Hong Kong International OTC Market (Non-listed companies’ stock exchange market). Code No: 91285

2016  12 月,加加明·北京方和科技公司由《健康中国》组委会颁发奖杯“健康管理与促进优先产品奖”。

2016-12, JiaJiaMing-FangHe was the awarded the trophy “Health Care Management and Promoting Priority Product Award” from the “Organization Committee of Health China”.


2017.4.22.《全国中小学生近视防控工程》专项基金,指定捐赠300所学校1800 台“加加明”电子气动近视眼防治仪,医疗器械产品。

2017-04-22, the “National Myopia Prevention and Control Project for Primary and Secondary School Students” foundation donated 1800 JiaJiaMing devices to 300 schools. (Three foundations: Zhongguancun Precision Medicine Fund, YuanChen Public Welfare Fund, Beijing Xinkang Public Welfare Fund).


2017  12  20《全国中小学生近视防控三级预警高峰论坛》在北京举办,中国下一代教育基金会主办,加加明·方和科技是协办单位

2017-12-20, FangHe co-sponsored the “National 3-level early warning Summit Forum on Prevention and Control of Myopia among Primary and Secondary School Students” which was held in Beijing. “China Next Generation Education Foundation” hosted the forum.

2018  1  16 日,安徽阜阳市由中国下一代教育基金会“北京光明公益基金”赠送 10 所学校“加加明”电子气动近视眼防治仪(JJM-II 300 台。

2018-01-16, “China Next Generation Education Foundation” in FuYang City, and “Beijing Guanming Public Welfare Fund” donated 300 JiaJiaMing devices (JJM-II) to 10 schools.

2018  9  14 日,央视 CETV 教育 1 频道,新闻报道《爱眼工作室》大幅降低学生近视率,取得成效。(见视频)

2018-09-14, China’s CETV Education Channel 1 reported the Eye Care Studios dramatically reduced the rate of myopia among students, and achieved great success.


2018  10  13 日,北京卫视《北京新闻》有市委书记蔡奇、市长陈吉宁考察朝阳实验小学,询问学生老师《爱眼工作室》使用加加明情况报道。(见视频)

2018-10-13, Beijing Satellite TV “Beijing News” reported that Cai Qi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Chen Jining, Beijing mayor, visited Chaoyang Experimental Primary School. During their visit, they discussed the usage of JiaJiaMing devices in the Eye Care Studios with the teaching staff.

2019  4  4  CCTV13《新闻频道》,报道教育部长陈宝生 22 个省人民政府签订近视防控《责任书》视频中加加明 JJM-II 型仪器在北京同仁医院使用销售画面。(见视频)

2019-04-04, CCTV News Channel 13 reported that Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education and 22 provincial governments signed the “Responsibility Agreement” for myopia prevention and control. In the news report, JJM-II instruments were used to treat patients at the Beijing Tongren Hospital.

2019 年 8 月 2 日 中国关工委“中国校园健康行动护眼亮眼工程”把北京方和公司·加加明列在首位,纳入首批《公益护眼采购目录》,经专家组评审确认:在中小学试点开展 10 年左右、相关技术被证明能实现有效降低近视率的近视临界人群干预解决方案,达到缓解儿童青少年视疲劳、延缓近视发展的目标,意义重大。

2019-08-02, The “China Campus Health Action, Eye Care and Bright Eye Project” organized by the “China’s Working Committee For Caring Next Generation”, listed FangHe-JiaJiaMing among the top participants. JiaJiaMing was prominently displayed in the “Public Welfare Eye Care Procurement Catalogue”. After a review of the project an expert panel concluded: the intervention solution of myopia has great significance; JiaJiaMing has been used in primary and secondary schools for approximately 10 years, the technologies have been proved to effectively reduce the myopia rate in critical population of myopia, thus can achieve the goal of alleviating the eye fatigue of youth and delaying the development of myopia.


 (See official website of “China’s Working Committee For Caring Next Generation”)

2019 10  15 日,北京中关村二小举行捐赠仪式,赠送锦旗、证书:中社生命健康基金、方和科技·加加明捐赠一千台 JJM-DZ 型、十套视力筛查仪(见视频      

2019-10-15, Beijing Zhongguancun No. 2 primary school held a donation ceremony, presenting silk banners and certificates. China Society Life and Health Fund, FangHe – JiaJiaMing donated 1000 JJM-DZ eye protectors and 10 sets of online vision screening instruments.

2019  11  8  CCTV13《新闻频道》,新闻报道“北京防控近视十条措施”视频中大量学生治疗近视画面是在北京朝小《爱眼工作室》加加明仪器(见视频

2019-11-08, CCTV channel 13 News reported “Ten measures to prevent and control myopia in Beijing”. It was reported that many students were being treated with JJM- II instruments in the Eye Care Studio of Chaoyang Experimental primary school in Beijing.

2019  12  25 日圣诞节,CCTV13 频道报道:《爱眼工作室》,学生使用"加加明"近视眼防治仪场景(见视频)

2019-12-25, On Christmas day, CCTV channel 13 reported on how the JiaJiaMing myopia prevention devices were used by students in the Eye Care Studios.

2020 年元月 3 日《北京晚报》再次报道。

2020-01-03, Beijing Evening News reported about the Eye Care Studios.

2020 年 5 月湖北慈善总会《慈善使者》感谢方和科技在抗击新冠肺炎献出爱心


2020-05, Hubei Charity Association “Charity Messenger” thanked FangHe for its caring during COVID-19 pandemic, and gave the “Greatest Heroes” award, and presented the trophy and certificate to FangHe.

2020  8  5 日空军助航者者中心,签订《战略合作协议》将在 500 多所学校全面推广加加明“三位一体”综合近视防控理论体系方法,列入课程、教学训练设备。

2020-08-05, the Flight Escort Center signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, which promotes the “Three-In-One” comprehensive myopia prevention and control system in more than 500 schools, and will include them in the curriculum, teaching and training.

2020.8.29《人民日报》人民网、人民在线“第二届国民视觉健康高峰论坛” 被邀嘉宾主题发言和专访播出(见视频、人民网

2020-08-29, the “Second National Visual Health Summit Forum” hosted by People’s Daily, People’s Net and People’s Online, invited the JiaJiaMing inventor as a guest keynote speaker.

2020.9.25 加加明荣获 2020 年度眼部按摩仪行业十大品牌之一。

2020-09-25, JiaJiaMing was voted as “China’s top 10 brands for eye massage equipment for the year 2020”.




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